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Downloads Available: (Table Border color identifies the particular item/s)

  • FTP Control
  • Treasury for Windows Installation
  • Utilities


FTP Control





If you have an existing version of windows treasury prior to version 1.0.88, please check the following component: "xceedzip.dll" and ensure its version number is

Execute TreasuryUpdate.exe after download (which will complete the installation & required registration) from C:\Treasury

    • Will complete the installation & required registration - if program not executing you may have to manually register some of the components, if so call our development staff to walk users through the process
    • Only required to run this executable once


  • Allows automatic updates of later versions of the Treasury Application by clicking on Updates from the System Menu in Treasury,
  • User can perform Off-Site BackUps for correction of Data by ADPC
  • User will be able to receive BackUps corrected by ADPC
NOTE: Save (Treasury FTP Update Exe , XceedZip.dll & ZceedZip.dll) in the Treasury working directory:

C:\Treasury (default)






Download Installation of Windows Treasury



For First Time Installation of the Treasury Application, Contact ADPC before Downloading !!

  • Schools database will have to be attached (Password must be obtained from ADPC to place school "On-Line"
  • MSDE configuration set
  • FTP functionality and updates


  • Installation of Treasury
  • MSDE 7
  • FTP control now Included with Install


Save Treasury Installation to your desktop







  • ADPC MX Utility
    • Attaches and /or Detach databases
    • i.e. Places school "on-line"
  • ADPC Update Utility
    • Updates current Treasury Version without the FTP control
    • Latest Version needs to be downloaded from here to effect the update
  • ADPC Search Utility
    • Simple search application
  • ADPC Self Registration
    • Registers Selected Files
  • XML Files
    • Required by certain modules in the Treasury Application
  • OCAS Codes
    • Download bold codes to floppy to apply to the treasury system OR:


    • Save the OCAS File to to the root of treasury application by default it will be C:\Treasury or C:\EDS\Treasury
    • - 1. From the Treasury Main Menu Select [Database]
    • - 2. Click/Select : [Append New OCAS / BOLD Codes]

    • - 3. Where it states: "Enter Drive Letter To Copy OCAS Codes From (A/C) :"
      -(i) Enter Drive Letter "C"
      -(ii) Enter year: "2007" or "2006"
      -(iii) Click [Continue]


    • Years 2004 - 2007 available

  • Help File
    • Save the file to the root of treasury application by default it will be C:\Treasury or C:\EDS\Treasury
    • Help file can be run as a seperate application or accessed from the Treasury Program




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