Educational Software

Welcome to ADPC's home page. We have been providing automated accounting solutions for public schools and career centers since 1968.

ADPC is a premier provider of financial services for educational institutions across our home state of Oklahoma. Our company designs personalized software packages to optimize accounting processes across various platforms, including secure stand-alone, cloud, hybrid, off-site, mail-in, and in-house services. We provide unparalleled personal support, training, and problem-solving support at reasonable rates. Our software meets the requirements of OCAS, including magnetic media for the Oklahoma State Department of Education and the Internal Revenue Service. We are committed to your institution's success and are proud to help you optimize your accounting procedures.

Trends Accounting

  • Accounts Payable
  • Payroll
  • Inventory
  • Contracts
  • Personnel - Certification and Leave
  • Staff Development
  • Customized Reporting
  • Budgeting using Cost and accounting codes
  • Reports and exports for all Tax reporting needs
  • Teacher Retirement Reporting and other mandatory reports.


  • Reconciliation - Bank / Audits / State
  • Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly Reconciliation
  • Projections, including Projected Carry-Overs
  • State OCAS Account Reporting
  • Comparisons(YTD/Monthly comparisons)
  • Monthly Financial Board Reports

Activity Fund

  • Multi or Single bank
  • Multiple Accounts - Athletics, Cheerleading, Band, FFA etc.
  • Expense & Revenue - Requisitions, Purchase Orders, Invoices, Checks & Receipts
  • OCAS Edit Checking and Reporting
  • 1099 Reporting
  • Auto updates and Backups with Integrated Security
  • Monthly Reconciliations





  • Fixed or perpetual,updated from purchase orders at time of entry
  • Track & Maintain Assets and Consumables
  • Classify by Location, Detailed Description
  • Integrated with PO System


  • Contracts for Certified and Support Employees
  • Assigned positions, Duty Codes, Board Fringes
  • Multiple Contract System per Employee


  • Leave Tracking - With accrual and Rollover Options
  • Certification Tracking
  • Includes detailed and Summarized Reporting
  • Creation of State Department Personnel Report

Staff Development

  • Track Development Points over five year Cycle
  • Track both Certified and Non-Certified employees
  • Detailed and Summarized Reporting
  • Employee Evaluations
  • Import Employees directly from Payroll Accounting